• Limit Hold'em is Good for You

    By: Jason Lake
    There was a time, long ago, when limit Texas Hold'em was the king of poker. The betting structure is similar to the Stud games people were used to playing in the casinos, and Texas Hold'em is a lot of fun, so it was an easy transition for most poker players. No-limit Hold'em was for the Doyle Brunsons and Stu Ungars who'd show up at the World Series of Poker.

    Then Chris Moneymaker happened. His 2003 WSOP Main Event victory as an online qualifier put no-limit Hold'em front and center in the poker landscape. Now everyone wants to play NLHE. Limit Hold'em still sees a decent share of live play, but most people online are playing no-limit and nothing else...

  • The Three Craziest Poker Hands I've Ever Seen

    By: Jason Lake
    Of all people, poker players should never be stunned by a hand of cards. Unless you've got a royal flush, there's a chance you're going to lose, and there are so many ways for that to happen. That's just science.

    What makes a sick poker hand really sick are the circumstances. Who's playing in the hand? What are the stakes? How did the players react? Like everything else in poker, sickness is situational. With that in mind, please allow me to present the three craziest no-limit Hold'em hands I know about – feel free to watch along and judge for yourself.
    Connor Drinan vs Cary...

  • The 10 Commandments of Tilt

    By: Jason Lake
    It's not easy being human. No matter how good you are at something, there will be times when your brain and the rest of your body just don't seem to get along. Poor decisions will be made and executed. Then you'll compound your error by over reacting, and making an even worse decision. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Every culture has a core set of principles to help us deal with this. Taoism has the Five Precepts, Buddhism has the Noble Eightfold Path, and poker has the Ten Commandments. If you've been studying poker for a while, you may have been taught the Ten Commandments of no-limit Hold 'em, or tournament poker, or maybe even poker...

  • Five Good Reasons Why You Should Play Omaha

    By Jason Lake

    Imagine if the only thing you could ever eat was bacon. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? But after the first 100,000 slices or so, you're going to get tired of it. Then you'll start dreaming about all the other things you could be eating, like fried chicken, or mashed potatoes and gravy.

    As with life, so with poker. Almost everyone these days is playing no-limit Hold'em and very little else. It's a great game, the bacon Cadillac of poker, but you're missing out if you're not playing other variants at least once in a while. Omaha should be the next poker game you try out, followed by Omaha Hi/Lo. Here are five reasons why:

  • McKeehen, Beckley Fight to the Finish

    By Jason Lake
    It was Day 6, and Joshua Beckley had Joseph McKeehen dead to rights. Beckley was in middle position with Ace-King unsuited. He opened, then McKeehen went all-in from the big blind with Ace-Queen suited. Beckley called. With McKeehen covered, Beckley had a 68-percent chance of knocking him out of the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event.

    Beckley's chances grew to 80 percent when the flop came King-Jack-Four. But now McKeehen had an inside straight draw and a backdoor flush draw. Still, when the Six of Clubs came on the turn, Beckley was a 91-percent favorite to win the hand. The river: the Ten of Diamonds. McKeehen doubled up, and life...