Win a $15K Super Bowl Package; Inspiration is all Around You

Bovada’s anniversary is rapidly approaching. We can’t wait to give away this amazing $15K Super Bowl Package to the player who makes the best video, but we’re still looking for more great submissions. You would be surprised how easily you can find some creative inspiration to create your video. Great ideas are hidden all around us every day, so keep your eyes open and the next great idea you have could land you and a friend in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII.
Perhaps you wake up early, make yourself a bowl of cereal and turn on the television to watch some morning cartoons. The Flintstones can be more than just a loveable family from Bedrock; they could be the inspiration you’ve been looking for. Maybe you’re on vacation in a foreign country, taking in all the sights and admiring the beauty of the local dialect. Where some people may only see a culture and language they do not understand, Bovada sees anniversary video inspiration. Sometimes inspiration can be found in the comfort of your own home. Just a glance from a friend, loved one or even a cute pet can give you a great idea and lead you on the path to New Orleans.
If Bovada giving away an incredible $15K Super Bowl Package isn’t motivation enough, we’re also giving away $25 Cash Bonuses to the first 10 people to submit a video. So keep your eyes open and your camera ready, because inspiration is all around us, and thanks to Bovada’s anniversary, it may even land you the trip of a lifetime.

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