We have Kick Off

Bovada’s anniversary is almost here and we’ve kicked off with three stellar video submissions for the $15K Super Bowl Package.
First in is a short but sweet video by Steve W. from Indiana.  Steve’s submission covers the most important element of them all: he loves Bovada and playing with us. We love you too, Steve, and thanks for being one of the first ten people to show us some anniversary love. Check your player account soon for a $25 Cash Bonus on us.
Next up in the scrimmage is Eric A. from Indiana, who wished us a happy anniversary—Gangnam Style. Eric’s dance moves impressed all of us at Bovada and it turns out we liked Eric’s moves even more than the Korean original.  If you preferred his slick gallop too, make sure you Like Eric’s video on Facebook and help send him to Super Bowl XLVII.
Last in our line-up is William H. from Connecticut, who uses his giant screen to remind us what we’re all really here for— football! Our pal Will just came back from the WSOP in Las Vegas, and next on his bucket list is New Orleans.  Help make his Super Bowl dream a reality by sharing and tweeting his Bovada Anniversary video with all your friends and family.
A big thanks to Steve, Eric and William for getting the party started, and don’t forget that there are still some $25 Cash Bonuses up for grabs to our first ten video submissions. The grand prize (like you really need reminding) is an epic $15K trip to Super Bowl XLVII in the Big Easy. Get ready, it’s time to grab a camera, make us a video we can’t forget and win the trip of a lifetime.
See the latest anniversary videos and vote your favourites on Facebook. See Terms and Conditions that apply to this promotion before submitting your own video.

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