Online Poker Bonuses: Bovada Does Them Right

Bovada Poker Bonus

Every online poker site has some sort of welcome bonus they offer players, but nobody delivers more money regularly to their players than Bovada Poker. Let’s go step by step through the different ways you can make more money just for playing poker like you normally would.

100% Welcome Bonus
Join Bovada today and we’ll match your first deposit with our site. This bonus comes with access to exclusive promotions and an ongoing poker points system that gives you more bang for your buck. Just download Bovada’s online poker software, open your new account, make a deposit and you’ll get your bonus over the next 60 days. Every time you earn 50 poker points during the bonus period, you’ll get a $10 bonus the next day. Easy.

Bovada’s Bad Beat Bonus
We know that a bad beat can be the worst thing to happen to your day. That’s why we’re helping alleviate the pain with a special bonus to players that suffer the most. If you have a full house with Aces and Kings or better and you lose to 4 of a kind or better, you’ll get a bonus of 100 times the big blind, up to $1,000.

Royal Flush Bonus
If you get a royal flush, you’ll get more than the pot you were playing for; you’ll get a bonus 50 times the big blind, up to $200. Just for having the best hand in the game, you get a little something extra.

These bonuses are on top of Bovada’s ongoing promotions that include King of the Felt and our monthly freerolls. Find out more when you visit Bovada Poker’s promotions page today.

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