Mission: Sit N Go

Mission: Sit ‘N Go

Bovada Poker’s Mission: Sit ‘N Go is offering you the mission of a lifetime. Complete your mission objectives and claim a $2K private online tournament for you and eight friends along with weekly cash bonuses up to $120. This great prize comes along with all the fame and fortune that goes with a secret agent’s life of excitement and intrigue.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete two different Sit ‘N Go objectives before time runs out. In order to complete your first mission, you must play in two 9-Handed games, one 6-Handed game and one Heads Up game, all between September 17-30.

Once your suave Sit ‘N Go skills have gotten you past the first mission, you must complete the second mission by playing in two regular or beginner games, one turbo or hyper turbo game and one double up or triple up game, all between October 1-14.  Once you have completed all of these objectives, you will have earned yourself an entry into one of two draws for a $2K private online tournament for you and eight of your friends. On top of that, simply by taking part in these captivating missions, you will be able to earn an additional bonus, of up to $120.

Bovada always gives you plenty of chances to win, and Mission: Sit ‘N Go is no different. The more missions you complete, the more draw entries you will earn, so keep your game face on and boost your chances of winning the amazing $2K private online tournament for you and your friends.

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