Likes, Camera, Action

Likes, camera, action; these three little words can be quite powerful. Thanks to Bovada’s big anniversary celebration, they could even land you the trip of a lifetime, a $15K Super Bowl Package for the biggest football event of the year, Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.
Everyone likes to feel loved and Bovada is no different. Make a video wishing Bovada a happy anniversary in the most wild, wacky, zany, way possible. Get your friends to Like, share and comment on your creation to gather votes, and you and a friend could be flying first class to New Orleans for the big game.
The idea here is to really get the creative juices flowing. We’re not looking for the type of boring, sappy old cards that your grandmother would give you each year. We want to see some wild and clever ways to wish Bovada a happy anniversary. Remember, you can win big if we like your anniversary video the best, and you can be sure that our prize will be a whole lot better than the old wrinkled five-dollar bill your grandmother would slip in the envelope.
Everyone at Bovada is eager to see what crazy ideas our players can come up with for their video. Bungee jumping while screaming a happy anniversary message, choreographing a Bovada anniversary music video, or maybe get a flash mob to help share your message. We’re giving you carte blanche and can’t wait to see what you come up with.
The first 10 people to submit their video will earn a $10 Cash Bonus, so start thinking of your own great idea to wish Bovada a happy anniversary.
Quiet on set, cameras are rolling, and...action!

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