Last Call for the Super Bowl

Today marks the tenth and final day of the Bovada Anniversary Celebration. It has been a spectacular nine days and with a $15K Super Bowl Package still waiting to be won, there is plenty more excitement left to come.

The Bovada Anniversary – Facebook party is still rocking for one final day, meaning that today is your last chance to submit a video wishing Bovada a happy anniversary. Impress us with your style and panache, and your video could land you and a friend in New Orleans for the 2013 Super Bowl.

We’ve had great video submissions so far, the latest coming from our friend Mikey B. Some of you may remember Mikey’s first video, where he laid down a beat and let his free-wheeling flow take over, giving Bovada a nice anniversary rap. Mikey is back, and this time he’s slowed it down a touch. Watch as he serenades us with a hilarious parody to Eric Clapton’s classic, “Tears in Heaven”, only this time it’s Tears for Super Bowl 47. Check out Mikey’s video and see if the beauty of his song brings a tear to your eye like it did ours.

While Mikey B. gave us some great videos, he was certainly not the only one who sent in a video wishing Bovada a happy anniversary in the hopes of landing the trip of a lifetime to the Big Easy. Make sure to visit us on Facebook to check out all the video submissions and vote for your favorite. Here’s a recap of the videos we’ve received so far:
    •    There was Steve W., who wished us a happy anniversary while relaxing at The Moose, hanging with his
         friends and playing some poker with Bovada.

    •    Eric A. helped us celebrate Gangnam Style, in a video that will make you want to stand up and dance.

    •    Fresh off an appearance at the WSOP in Las Vegas, William H. stood behind a giant screen and told us
         some of the biggest reasons why he loves playing with Bovada, and how badly he wants to win a trip
         to the Super Bowl.

    •    Everyone’s favorite high-fiver, Brad P., sent in a great video submission, as he walks around his
         community throwing high-fives and getting all different sorts of people to show us their own unique
         touchdown celebration.

    •    Jimmy H. sent in a nice old fashioned anniversary video to us here at Bovada, without all the bells and
         whistles. Jimmy’s sincere message was a nice change of pace, and he made sure to let us know
         which team he’s hoping to see in Super Bowl XLVII.

    •    On the flip side, Rob J., raised the excitement to a new level as he and his buddy prepare a feast fit for a
         king and take down a couple of shooters in honor of Bovada’s big anniversary.

    •    Poker player Claudio O. Got all his chips stacked up and ready to go as he sent in a nice anniversary
         message, hoping to land a seat in New Orleans, home of his beloved Saints.

    •    Mattie C. and her pussycat at Ace gave us a sweet heartfelt message, and how badly she wants to see
         her New England Patriots playing in the Big Easy for the 2013 Super Bowl.

    •    Bovada lover Sam K. shows us that practice makes perfect, as he hit the football field with his team and
         shows off his crazy skills while giving us some great anniversary love.
Visit Bovada on Facebook today to get in on the final day of our celebration. You still have all day to submit your video entry and win a $15K trip to New Orleans for the Super Bowl, and note for your favorite video. On top of that, complete today’s final mystery challenge found on our Facebook page and you can win some great prizes.

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