Ally Wilde Starts Her Poker Blogging Journey Behind the Rail

The last time I had my hands on a pack of playing cards I think it was Christmas ’95 and I was treating Grandma to a good old game of Go Fish. I lost and chose to end my card-playing career then and there at the defeated age of six. So when the guy I’m seeing drops the “I play poker for a job” bombshell on date number two, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was pointless for me to continue batting my lashes over this mediocre plate of spaghetti.
I was apprehensive because the word poker automatically called to my mind flashes of random dirty dudes wearing baggy t-shirts sitting in a dimly-lit room playing late-night card games saying weird things like small and big blind. But being a pro at dating, and after a slight (surprised) pause, I politely told him that it’s cool and super interesting. Yes, I was totally bluffing but I figured I’d give this poker pro the benefit of the doubt.
A year later we’re still happily dating and some might even go as far as to call me a poker groupie. Perhaps I should’ve known when to walk away – ha! Check out my knowledge of poker-related culture – but instead I made the call to go all in. I feel like I’ve been to more poker games in the past year than I’ve been to see Hildy, my talented hair stylist— it’s a travesty, I know ladies. I also let his buddies come over on the weekends for their seemingly endless games and I enthusiastically, (as much as possible anyways), listen to his stories about the online poker tournaments he’s playing in. However, I will admit that the one thing I do enjoy is helping him spend the cash he wins...
My boyfriend likes to say I’m a Lady of the Felt. I think there’s a poker reference in there somewhere. Call me whatever you want but the way I see it, us girls behind the rail are the lucky charms of the poker world. While I’m good at acting bored; you often see me tweeting and texting away while the guys do their thing on the table, I’m always counted on to flash a good-luck smile or offer an encouraging “you can bluff your way out of this one” thumbs up.
Now, against all odds, I’ve somehow been roped into becoming a poker blogger by my boyfriend and the team at Bovada Poker, who I met at an event a few weeks back. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t know any poker rules or terms and I’m certainly not capable of giving you any strategy tips. But at least I am mildly aware that knowing when to fold them isn’t a reference to laundry. I hope you will follow me in this journey of self and poker discovery, but please remember— I’m just a party girl who flew across the world in search of fun and fell for a poker-obsessed American.
Until the next hand,

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