A Year of Sports - By Alec Ross

A Year of Sports - By Alec Ross

January's here. To Melbourne! The Aussie Open! Go Fed!
It's down a disappointed hope spiral I've been led.
He's too old! Rafa wins showing his misanthropic sneer.
Off I go to drown my sorrows in Fosters beer.

Now it's February. To Phoenix I go!
See the Super Bowl! Get away from the snow!
Bet on Denver, they're favored to win it all!
How ironic. They triumph but fail to cover. Close call!

March Madness how I love you.
I zoom around the nation to see much of you,
But at home in the annual pool I hold with my wife.
I can't pick games to save my own life.

April arrives. Head to Augusta to see golf's first major.
Arrive there. Immediately place a wager.
It's Rory I say! He'll lap the field!
But it takes only a first round 80 for the Irishman to yield.

May's first weekend. It's Derby time!
Head down to Louisville for pomp, cheese, and wine!
But it's also my anniversary and I forget.
So, it's a night outside in the cold and wet.

June arrives and time for the Women's World Cup.
The matches will be all over Canada. I head up.
The US Women hope to break the 16 year shnide.
But lose in the quarters, continuing their painful slide.

July brings the Open Championship. St. Andrews is the host.
Of all of them, this is the one I want to see the most.
So it's ironic, or some might say fate;
That they take one look at me and bar the gates.

August! Back to my hometown to see my Cubbies play.
Fear not! There are many seats available today.
This year is not "next year". There can be but one conclusion.
Our hopes of World Series were ever a delusion.

September now. World Cup Rugby! How exciting!
Off to England. The All Blacks seem inviting.
They're huge. They're awesome. They're bound to win.
Did another of my teams fall in the quarters again?

October arrives and with it the President's Cup.
So, for my first time, it is to South Korea I show up.
But the US team is still in disarray.
They may be in the losing column to stay.

Now it's November. Let's go see the Bears!
Soldier's Field is so quiet. Does anyone care?
No pass rush, some moan. Cutler throws it away.
No wonder the Bears fell to four and seven today.

December's here. Time for a rest.
You like sports? I've seen the best!
I've seen a lot of losing. Is my spirit in tatters?
No way dude! It is not the destination, but the journey that matters.
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