Top WSOP Costumes

Top WSOP Costumes

The World Series of Poker tournament is a pretty high-brow event, but that doesn’t stop players from having some fun. Every year, players show up donning costumes, and awards are handed out to the best dressed. Here’s a list of the top four funniest costumes from over the years. 
4) Costume: Rocket Man

Phil Laak – 2014 WSOP Tournament

Laak’s “Rocket Man” costume may have won him the best dressed award, but it didn’t help his game. He didn’t make it past the first day of action.
3) Costume: Elmo

Unknown – 2008 WSOP Tournament
Would you want to take all of Elmo’s money? Someone certainly did. The unknown 2005 WSOP player didn’t get past the first day of action.
2) Costume: Batman

Phil Dwek – 2010 WSOP Tournament

Batman took a break from fighting crime to make an appearance at the 2010 WSOP.
1) Costume: Old Man

Phil Laak – 2008 WSOP Tournament
Laak pushed the boundaries at the 2008 tournament when he showed up in an old man costume. The fact that his face was hidden from sight led to an amendment in costume rules for poker, which became the “Phil Laak” rule. From then on, masks were not allowed to be worn at the table because they provided players with a competitive edge.

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