Top Five Vacation Spots

Top Five Vacation Spots

If you’re looking to get away, there are endless options and picking the best one for you can be intimidating. To help out, we’ve devised a list of five vacation spots that we know you’d enjoy.
Las Vegas, USA
If you’re looking to let loose for a couple of days, nothing compares to Las Vegas. Looking to party it up and go hard in a club? Do it. Want to lounge by a pool, getting R&R while excitement is all around you? Go for it. Want to hit up a casino or a poker tournament and walk away a winner? There’s nowhere better. Let’s not forget the hundreds of shows, concerts, attractions, gun ranges and sports cars at your disposal. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg because what happens in Vegas...well you know the rest.

Pop quiz, can you point out Andorra on a map? If you’re not able to, don’t feel bad because most other people can’t either. Tucked between France and Spain, Andorra is one of Europe’s tiniest tourist spots. The country consists of one town (yes, only one) and is located up a mountain, which is fitting as Andorra is considered one of Europe’s premiere skiing spots. Also featuring over thousands of shops, great hiking spots and stunning scenery on every side, Andorra is one hidden gem you will cherish discovering.
Costa Rica

Want to relax in an all-inclusive hotspot and take it easy? Want to avoid the loud and boisterous spring break crowd that flocks to Mexico and the Dominican Republic? Well then you’re in luck, because Costa Rica provides all of the all-inclusive, beach fun without the overcrowding. It also provides breathtaking volcanoes, one-of-a-kind rainforest hikes, dozens of gorgeous waterfalls and the most casinos of any Central American country. For whatever you choose to do, Costa Rica could be the place for you.
Los Angeles, USA

Glitz, glamour, celebrities everywhere you look and all those famous spots you’ve seen in the movies. That’s LA in a nutshell. On one trip you could hang out at Venice Beach, take a stroll down Sunset Boulevard, try to climb the Hollywood hills to reach the Hollywood sign (don’t actually do this one, it has been outlawed), go for a coffee at a place on Melrose, drive straight into (and then out of) Compton and top it all off by going shopping in Beverly Hills. Whatever your desire, you can never go wrong with the City of Angels.
Barcelona, Spain

Spain’s most famous city is a cultural landmark with 2000-year old architecture and museums featuring the likes of Dali and Picasso (both of whom were inspired by the city). It is a hotspot for nightlife with some of Europe’s best fine dining and drinking mixed with wild dance clubs and all night parties. It is a scenic heaven located next to the Mediterranean Sea with excellent options for biking and hiking. Most of all, it’s one of the liveliest cities you will ever find so you won’t have one dull moment in the “Ciutat Comtal” aka “City of Counts”. 

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