Team Bovada Live from the Punta Cana Poker Classic - Bovada Social

Last Friday night, on the eve of the Punta Cana Poker Classic, our players were looking to let loose and have a little fun before things got serious. With 28 Team Bovada players down in Punta Cana for the tournament, we thought it would be a good idea that before they started kicking butt and taking names, maybe they could learn a few first; welcome to the Bovada Social.

The Bovada Social was held at the renowned Oro Nightclub, a first class nightspot located inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  With beautiful bartenders, great music and show lighting that you’d have to see to believe, the players were treated to a real party that would rival some of the world’s finest nightclubs. With Team Bovada in their finest cocktail attire, our players showed up in style and broke the ice with a few drinks, a little bit of dancing and a whole lot of fun. By the next morning it was every man for himself, but for this one great evening, all of our players came together and partied in true Team Bovada style.

Check the video and see what it’s like to celebrate with Team Bovada.

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