My Punta Cana Odyssey - Introduction

My Punta Cana Odyssey

Greetings Bovada Nation,
The Punta Cana Poker Classic is just days away and I, for one, am amped! I keep thinking about the day they called to tell me that I was the winner of their Social Media Contest. My first thought was, “Woooooooooo!” My second thought was, “It must have been that stolen high five”. Of all the ridiculous things I’ve done on film, stealing high fives gets the most attention. After I got off the phone, I ran around the house in my boxers screaming for a while. My father in law, who lives next door and doesn’t speak English, couldn’t make sense of it all. He thinks I am, “muito louco”.
Since then, I have been trying to prepare by getting advice from my poker playing friends and my 96 year old grandmother.  There is a video of one of our conversations on I’ve also been playing some live poker down in Connecticut. Just the other day, I played in a tournament in which I got knocked out two spots before the money. It was a rough ending, but good practice. I generally only play on Bovada, so I’m trying to avoid giving out physical tells. Maybe I’ll wear a Darth Vader helmet to the Punta Cana Poker Classic and use the Force to my advantage. Well, it’s off to the tables for me. Stay tuned for more play-by-play action.
Here's how I prepared myself for the Punta Cana Poker Classic.
Blog and Roll!
Brad Pierce

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