My Punta Cana Odyssey - The Final Chapter

My Punta Cana Odyssey - Introduction

Greetings Team Bovada,
Well as promised, I partied all week long after getting knocked out of the tournament. We did it all, from dancing to dining. We ate at several great restaurants, but the hibachi at Zen was our favorite. They juggle spatulas and knives, and even fire eggs into your mouth. It's rather intense. We also had free drinks everywhere we went. I typically don't eat coconut so I didn't even think I would like pina coladas, but boy was I wrong. They are delicious! They taste especially fantastic when you’re pool side. If you like pina coladas, then play with Bovada. We also went dancing often and even sang karaoke at the Sun Bar. I saw quite a few confused Dominican faces when I performed Momma Said Knock You Out by L.L. Cool J. It's a classic though and I had to do it! I don't know how they roll down there, but ladies in the U.S. love Cool James.
One of my greatest memories was the after party at The Moon Bar. One night, after everything had closed, the tournament staff talked the resort crew into reopening the bar. It took some work, but while they were negotiating, I was keeping the party people live in the hallway. I was high fiving people, cracking jokes and assuring people that the party would restart shortly. Sure enough it did, and we had a great time with a wild crowd.
There were also some interesting and unplanned moments during our trip. For example, we went to a naked pool one afternoon. Well, not everyone was naked, but enough were that I feel calling it the naked pool is appropriate. One chick was walking around topless asking everyone else to take their tops off also. Some people were annoyed by this, but I already was topless so it didn't bother me. Another memorable moment was the horseback riding. My wife and I had never done that before. It probably would have been great if we weren't terrified. At first they were just walking along and I thought to myself about how peaceful the whole thing was, but then my horse would just randomly start galloping. I was bouncing all over the place and I was fairly certain that I was going to fall off and split my cranium. Yankees just aren't suited for that type of thing. Fortunately, we both made it back unharmed, but I can promise you, I will never ride another horse. 
The last night of our trip was a blast. Much like the welcome party, the farewell party was off the hook. Bovada had a private table and once again, we received excellent service. We rocked the night out and the dancing was out of control. In fact, I injured my thumb break-dancing, but it was totally worth it. I have a doctor's appointment on Halloween, wish me luck. After the club we stopped and had a bacon burger at 3am, which in my opinion is the best time to have a bacon burger. We had a great time with our Bovada peeps and it was a week that my wife and I will never forget. It was like a honeymoon on steroids...or a honeymoon on pina coladas, it was just awesome!
On our departure day we did have one minor issue at the airport, which, by the way, looks like an ewok hut. My bag was over the allowable weight, thanks to all the great Bovada swag I received. So I made the obvious decision and threw away my work shoes. They were way too uncomfortable anyways. Speaking of work, do you know that scene from Rocky 2, where Rocky (after almost beating Apollo Creed and winning the hearts of millions) is trying to find a job outside of the ring and ends up cleaning spit buckets and sweeping cow guts at the meat factory? Well that's how I felt coming back to work after the amazing week I had with Bovada! Oh, and it turns out, when you walk into a restaurant in RI and tell them your with Team Bovada, they still charge you. Weird, right? Rock on Bovada!
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Brad Pierce

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