Ante Up for NFL Season

Ante Up for NFL Season

The 2015 NFL season is kicking off with many teams in contention and unpredictability in the air. The stakes have never been higher in the world of pro football, and if anyone knows about high stakes – it’s  a poker player.

To celebrate the new season accordingly, we have identified several NFL teams that remind us of various poker hands:
4-9 Offsuit – San Francisco 49ers

Past the obvious connection in numbers, a 4-9 offsuit is a weak hand on paper that is
unlikely to produce a win, like the 49ers heading into the 2015 season. However,
like a 4-9 offsuit, the Niners aren’t the worst of the bunch and could occasionally
pull off a surprise win.

Pair of Nines – Detroit Lions

A pair of nines will often carry a player through to the river before resulting in a fold, like how the Lions duo, quarterback Matthew Stafford and receiver Calvin Johnson, usually carry the Lions within inches of a playoff spot before folding and falling short.

Ace-6 Offsuit – Houston Texans

An Ace-6 offsuit is a weak hand more often than not, despite having one of the four best cards in the deck. This is a perfect comparison for the Houston Texans, who will lose more games than they’ll win this season despite having one of the four best players in the world, JJ Watt.

Pocket Kings – Dallas Cowboys

In poker terms, pocket Kings are known as cowboys, and the NFL’s Cowboys have a great duo in quarterback Tony Romo and receiver Dez Bryant. But just like Kings are strong but not quite Aces, Bryant and Romo have been excellent, but haven’t yet won the big one.

Pocket Jacks – Seattle Seahawks

Ask any poker player: pocket Jacks is a good hand that often gets played wrong. Nothing can be more representative of this than last year’s Super Bowl catastrophe when the Hawks passed the ball instead of running it with Marshawn Lynch.

Suited Cards – Philadelphia Eagles

If you get a suited hand, you’ll likely try to chase the flush. Thinking that having a suited hand is enough, regardless of the cards, is a lot like Eagles coach Chip Kelly thinking that swapping any random player into his system is enough to go all the way.
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