Zone Poker: Fastest Cards on the Web

Zone Poker: Fastest Cards on the Web

With the opportunity to see more cards, play more hands and have more fun, Bovada’s introduction of Zone Poker is revolutionizing the game of online poker and injecting some fast-paced excitement that will get your heart racing.
If you enjoy the feeling of speeding down an open highway and the wind flowing through your hair, there’s a good chance you’ll love Zone Poker; where speed is the name of the game. When playing Zone Poker, the moment you fold your hand, you’ll be instantly redirected to a different table with all new players and dealt new cards immediately. With the fastest cards on the web, Bovada’s Zone Poker allows you to see more cards and play more hands like never before.
Zone Poker offers a lot of special features for players to enjoy. There are CHECK/FOLD NOW and FOLD NOW buttons, allowing players to fold their hands and move to a new table before the action is even on them. Zone Poker also displays table sliding animations and sound effects to show the rapidity of your placement in a new table and hand.
Bovada is currently offering its players the feature of Zone Poker for cash games at No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em and Pot Limit Omaha-Hi tables. Once you grab your seat and the table is full of players, hang on for a ride that will get your heart racing as you experience fast-paced poker like never before.
One important aspect to explain are the blinds, since players change tables every hand and are continuously sitting with all new opponents. The big blind is based on the following order of priority:

  1. A player that has yet to pay the big blind (either a new player playing their first hand or a player that has played more than one hand but have not paid the big blind).
  2. A player that has gone the longest amount of time without paying the big blind (in terms of number of hands played).

If there is more than one player who fall under one of these categories, the big blind will be assigned randomly among those players.
The more cards you see, the more chances you have to land that big hand you’ve been waiting for. With Zone Poker, you get to experience more thrills with less of the waiting between hands. Visit Bovada now and come see what it’s all about. Take a seat and prepare yourself for a poker game that is sure to keep you in the zone.


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