Top 5 Poker Gifts for 2015 – for $20 or Less

Top 5 Poker Gifts for 2015 – for $20 or Less

By: Jason Lake
It's your job to know what people want for the holidays; it's not a gift if they have to tell you. Picking out the perfect gift can be daunting, but if your intended target likes poker, I've made things easy for you.

Of course, the more thought you put into it, the more warmly received your gift will be. Those $20 poker sets with the little plastic chips aren't going to cut it – not because of the price, but the quality. There are far better ways to spend that $20. In fact, as you may have already guessed, I have five ideas for you to consider. All five items are available on Amazon as I write this. Good hunting, and may the rectangles be with you this holiday season.
1. Playing Cards: Joker and the Thief

Every poker player has a deck of cards lying around, but do they have something this nice? Probably not. These hand-illustrated cards are the result of a Kickstarter campaign. They've got a snazzy design that isn't too weird, and they should be a welcome gift for anyone who doesn't have a lump of coal for a heart.
2. Card Protectors by Da Vinci

No, not Leonardo da Vinci – those are a bit out of our price range. Da Vinci Imports has about all the poker equipment you can imagine, including some very cool hand-painted card protectors for around 10 bucks. There's even one with a pair of Aces on it. Ace of Hearts and Ace of Spades, naturally.
3. T-Shirt: I Don't Even Fold Laundry

Clothing is always a bit tricky, since you need to know your target's size. Otherwise, this is one of those rare funny t-shirts that won't make you look like an idiot. Also available: “I Bought This Shirt with Your Money,” which makes an extra-special gift for someone you've actually won money from.
4. Four-Leaf Clover Poker Chip Keychain

Whether your target actually believes in good luck, or likes to joke about superstition, this item should pique their interest. It's got a four-leaf clover inside, with a certificate of authenticity and all that. Trifolium repens for the win.
5. Poster: The Cardplayer(s)

French impressionist Paul Cezanne did a series of paintings called Les joueurs de cartes between 1890 and 1895. Poster versions are available, so if your target is still of poster-on-wall age, you're good to go. For older targets with a sense of humor, get one of those retro-style tin signs that says “Bluffing: A Pair of Balls Beats Everything.” Words to live by.

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