Freerollin' to Highrollin' - The Story of a BDPO Champion

From a freeroll offered through one of our affiliates to the BDPO Main Event final table, Bovada player Levi T. of Massachusetts completed an incredible run on the poker felt. Check out this interview with Levi as he answers questions about his journey towards the Black Diamond Poker Open crown, $50,000 in prizing and a $5K Championship Watch.
When did you first start playing?
I first started playing poker for low stakes about seven years ago when I was in college. Since then it’s been on and off over the years but in the last couple years I’ve been playing more often.  
You qualified for the BDPO Main Event through a freeroll on one of our affiliate sites. Do you frequent that site often?
I do my best to either study, read, or play poker on a daily basis and that particular site was in the mix of my readings online, which is where the freeroll came about. Of course I wasn’t going to pass up on a freeroll for an entry to the BDPO main event.
Do you play in freerolls often?
When I first started playing, I often entered into freerolls because I didn’t feel experienced enough to play with my own money and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend either. (…) Freerolls are a great tool for those starting out and want to learn the game and don’t want to put up their own money. My issue with freerolls is that you will find that a lot more players are willing to chase draws and won’t give up their weak hands because if they bust out they think to themselves that they didn’t have to pay anyways.
You beat out over 200 players to win the freeroll, tell us about that tournament. What style of play did you employ?
For most tournaments I typically start to play a tight aggressive game simply because the blinds are low and everyone has a big enough stack that they can chase and if they lose a little it doesn’t hurt them. As the game goes on I adjust to what the table is doing, if I see the table is starting to tighten up, I will loosen up a little and try to steal a few pots.
You won the Black Diamond Poker Open Main Event, over $50,000 and the $5,000 Championship Watch. How did it feel when the final pot got pushed your way?
It was an amazing feeling to win a big tournament like this! Just 10 hours later, it was about 2 AM and I knew I had to get some sleep for work but all I could think about was the win.
When did you first start playing on Bovada? Have you had success before playing at Bovada Poker?
I first started playing on Bovada years ago when it was still BODOG. I didn’t have any big wins before this just a few small cash game wins and a small tournament here and there.
Will you be defending your title in next year’s Black Diamond Poker Open?
I definitely will be playing next year in the BDPO! I look forward to seeing you all at the tables!
Levi is a great example for amateur poker players.  He proves that you don’t need a huge bankroll to win big. Be sure to keep an eye out for Cheap Seat qualifiers to win a $15K Prize Package to play in poker’s Main Event in Las Vegas and soon it could be you raking in a huge payout.


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