The Black Diamond Poker Open is Back ◊

The Black Diamond Poker Open is Back

The Black Diamond Poker Open is Back
The Black Diamond Poker Open ◊ is back and we’re all set for the most thrilling online poker tournament series of 2014, offering more events and more guaranteed cash than ever before. With $3 million in guaranteed prizing and thousands of qualifiers to choose from, this year’s BDPO ◊ could change your life forever. It’s no wonder the event is capturing the attention of poker players everywhere looking for their chance to get a cut of the big bucks and live the high life.   ◊
On top of the many qualifiers, there are also 200 official BDPO events that’ll give poker players the chance to upgrade their lifestyle. The official events are divided into two tournament series: the Contender Series from February 18 to March 12 and the Championship Series from March 22 to April 13. Check out the details for all our events and find out what your future holds when you play in the BDPO. ◊
◊◊$500,000 Guaranteed Contender Series◊◊
First up is the Contender Series, featuring 100 micro to low-stakes events and $500,000 guaranteed. This series starts with a bang on February 18 with a $10,000 Kickoff Event and runs all the way through to March 12. You can qualify for Contender Series events for as little as $1.10 or buy your way in starting at $3.30. Remember not to miss out on the $50,000 Guaranteed Main Event on March 9.
$2,500,000 Guaranteed Championship Series
The BDPO continues with the Championship Series, which offers $2.5 million in guaranteed prizing. This series ◊ includes plenty of chances to bump up your high-roller status, with 100 mid to high-stakes tournaments. The championship action begins on March 22 with the $20,000 Guaranteed Kickoff Event. It all leads up to the prestigious BDPO Main Event on April 13, which has a guaranteed prize pool of $300,000. The 2014 BDPO champion will finish the Main Event with at least $60,000 cash plus a $5,000 engraved BDPO championship watch. ◊
With all this BDPO ◊ excitement getting underway, check out the full schedule to get in the game. You could soon be upgrading your lifestyle thanks to winning a cut of $3 million. ◊

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